My Christmas Table Tops

This table is on the landing upstairs, so no one sees it except our family.
I am so happy I took the time to decorate it though because I pass it many times each day and
 it makes me happy.

The framed map of Paris is always on the table and so are the faux paper whites. 
 I just added the trees and sparkly NOEL.

See the mercury glass tree in front? I bought it last December.
This year I looked everywhere for a second one and planned to use them on my mantel.
I finally found one (and the store only had one).
My husband then accidentally broke the new one. :(
I never could find anymore, but I actually really like the mix of trees in different materials, so its all good!

I made the ruffled tree.
I started with a shiny tree I found discounted and then took off all the garland.
I then used hot glue to attach layers of white cotton ruffle trim.
The store I got the trim from only had three yards so I ended up having to cut the tree down so the plastic The wood tree was on clearance last year and the white sweater tree I got from Target last year
 for only five bucks.

In my entry way I have a red, green and white woodland display.
The mushrooms, gnome and mushroom house were all from World Market.
I bought them last year, but they are selling similar things this year.
I placed the gnome and green mushrooms in a birch basket I found at the thrift store.

The artwork is a gift bag I bought from the 99 cents store.
I cut out the front of the bag and used poster board as backing anf then placed it in a frame I already own.

I finally started to run out of steam decorating for Christmas.
It starts out fun and then I reach a point where I just want to be d.o.n.e.
I just stuck an old wreath up (that I love) and placed a deer candle holder on one side.

On the other side of the wreath I placed two gray frames I own.
In the small frame I simply stamped a red crown on white paper.
The crown stamp was from the cheap section at Michael's and I used red paint instead of ink.
The deer print is another gift bag from the 99 cents store!

Today was my boys last day of school. I love having them home for Christmas break!
So excited to bake cookies and listen Christmas music and go look at lights and go to the movies 
and on and on!


  1. Everything is so beautiful. I love the crown and the deer. Both are so pretty. Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love all of them! My favorite is the one with that woodland theme that includes the little mushroom house. So cute!

  3. Beautiful....Love the difference of the trees!

  4. I love the framed gift bags (I did that with a birthday gift bag once as a decoration for a birthday party) I really love that crown stamp too. It's all very pretty!

  5. have done some great table decor around your home. You keep it pretty simple and I love that. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love these so much. And putting gift bags in frames is genius!

  7. Such a clever idea to frame gift bags! Everything looks so pretty!

  8. Everything is so pretty! I knew it would be. :)

    I'm out of steam too. There's more I'd like to do but I don't want to face the crowds to shop anymore.

    Merry Christmas y'all!!