PB inspired LOVE pillow

I've had this plain tan pillow cover from Target for a couple of years now.
I've always wanted to try one of the cool transfer methods I see in blogland on it.
Should I stencil it, use wax paper transfer, Citra-Solv, transfer paper?
There were so many ideas that I was overwhelmed and did nothing with it.

Then I saw this Pottery Barn pillow on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute!
I decided to try to make my own version of this pillow.

Clearly I should have spaced the letters closer together...oh well.
I still think it's cute and Valentine's is such a short holiday so it will only be around
for a couple of weeks.

I mixed some pink paint with some fabric painting medium from Michael's craft store.

I folded my pillow in fourths and using chalk I drew the outline for each letter on the pillow.
I then painted the outline.
Once that was done I figured out what design I wanted to paint on the inside of each letter.
As you can see I didn't try to make my letters an exact copy of the PB design.
Their pillow just inspired the design of mine.

You know I love changing around the vignettes in my living room!
Here's the latest. ;)

Back to the pillow...
After the paint dried,  I just dabbed off any chalk that was still showing with a damp paper towel.
I then ironed the pillow to set the paint.
I'll putting together a "pretty in pink" Valentine's room for you soon!

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Doily Heart Ribbons

Valentine projects don't get much cheaper or easier than this one!
I found the idea on Pinterest.
It is a project from the blog Smashed Peas And Carrots.

You simply tape paper doilies to a piece of white thread.
Yep, that's it!
 A package of 24 hearts was less than $3.00.
 You could make a much more dramatic look all over the window, but I decided to just decorate this little corner of the living room.
 I still haven't gotten around to hanging curtains in the living room, so in the meantime I've hung up this crown candle holder I've had for awhile.
I think I found it at Marshall's.
On the chair is a peony made from a coffee filter.
Another Pinterest project!
I'll show you more in another post.

For some bizarre reason the Internet on my computer is not working right now, but it is working on my son's computer.
So whenever I can wrestle it from him I will be visiting your blogs. :)

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Figs From France

I had to share this gorgeous print I bought for my kitchen.
Rather than show you a boring photo of it hanging on my wall I decided I'd make up
 a little vignette for you.
It came all the way from France.
So FUN to receive an envelope from France!!
It is a print of an original watercolor by Lucile Prache.
It is printed on really nice art paper.
Aren't the colors amazing!
A lovely recipe for fig marmalade.
I purchased it from the Etsy shop Lucile's Kitchen.
Her prints are gorgeous I recommend checking them out!
Someday it would be nice to get custom mattes cut for it.
But for now I'm using two sets of matte's and a frame I got years ago from Aaron Brothers.
The lovely pastel colors keep bringing a smile to my face.
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Reproduction Vintage Locker Baskets-tutorial

While Blogger is (I hope, I hope, I hope!) getting things fixed so I can post pictures
again the easy way,
I thought I would bring back an oldie but goodie.
My make your own vintage style locker basket tutorial from 2011.
I have added a few updates to the post.
I know a lot of people are organizing their homes right now and these are super cute storage!
The new locker baskets are larger than the vintage ones too, which is nice.
I adore the look of vintage locker baskets.
But I have never seen them in Las Vegas.
 I've looked at buying them online, but when you add shipping costs it gets pricey.
Since this post I moved to Illinois and then Texas where we currently live!

So I was pretty excited when I found these at Homegoods.
The colors were all wrong though (unless you wanted them for Christmas decor :).
Time to get out my paints!
I have also found these at Stien Mart, TJ Maxx, Marshall's etc
They are usually $10-12 dollars a piece.

How do you like me now?

First I sprayed them with Krylon gray primer.
Next I watered down some acrylic paint, Folk Art brand, color Dove Gray.
I brushed it on and then wiped some off with a dry paper towel.
Finally I brushed on some Minwax stain in Dark Walnut, then quickly wiped it off with a damp paper towel.
(Let each application dry before adding the next.)
The stain can take a day or two to cure and may feel sticky while it is drying.

I think they look like the real thing!

So many possibilities for storage.

I'd like to make liners for them eventually.
I put a napkin inside to see how it would look and I love it!

This is not very glamorous, but I'm planning on using mine for holding potato chips on top of my fridge.
Actually I never did end up using them for potato chip storage. :)
 I have used them in my pantry as well as other areas in my home. 
 I really should make some more!


Winter Mantel

My winter mantel for 2012 2013!
I was too lazy to style the whole firepace so you'll just be seeing the mantel today.
Here is how my mantel looked when I first started working on it.
I decided the mirror was just way to small.
So I borrowed a mirror from my dining room.
At first I thought it was too big, but after living with it for a week I think it's fine.
Then I saw a quote on Pinterest saying that there should be 7" from your mantel to your mirror.
Oh well....
I found this cement urn at Marshall's last weekend for only $7.99. Such a steal!
I really love it! It reminds me of the pretty finials Pottery Barn sells.
The basket I've had for ages. I filled it with artichokes I found at the thrift store for 25 cents a piece!!
I added a few magnolia leaves from my back yard.
The other side of my mantel has my demi john I found on Ebay.
Along with an urn from Pottery Barn filled with lavender I found at a different thrift store for only $2.00. So if you're looking for cheap faux plants don't forget to check your local thrift store. :)
The mirror is from Kirkland Home. I really like the white wash on the wood.
I think the mantel has a modern French Country look to it, but in nice soft colors.
I'm so looking forward to when the real lavender is in bloom!
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Falling For Antlers

Well I didn't plan on posting back to back living room posts,  but the BROWSE button has disappeared off of mine and others blogs so I can't upload photos for a new blog post.
I already had these pictures uploaded, intended for a future post.
I'm sure it will get fixed eventually.
 When the the antler craze first hit I'll admit that at first I thought it was yucky.
Deer antlers?....creepy!
Then I saw this from In The Fun Lane
Oooh, I am liking this!

I also like this also from In The Fun Lane
What an amazing coffee table vignette!


Then I saw another antler vignette I really liked at Lemonade Makin' Mama!


Lemonade Makin' Mama's simple, natural tablescape is gorgeous!

BTW: If you want to pin the last four images please go to their blogs!!
The highlighted links will take you directly to the posts with these photos. :)

So when I found some antlers at an antique mall I decided to jump right onto the antler bandwagon!
I was kind of bummed to spend money since so many bloggers are getting them for free, but then I saw how much some websites were charging and decided $15 bucks was a steal!

I needed something to replace the Christmas decor in the living room, but I still wanted it
to have a winter look.
I think this does the trick.

I like the texture that the antler has.
I'm a big fan of texture, especially in a more neutral room.

I filled my vintage crate with old books and paperbacks that I've ripped the covers off of.
I then added a Pottery Barn lantern given to me by a dear friend and a wicker vase filled with a plant.

Then I just plopped the antler on top!
I spent a lot of time at the store looking through all the antlers picking out just the right one.

I found these ikat pillows at Marshall's!
I was so excited when  found them.
They are similar to some very expensive ikat fabric that Ballard designs used to sell that I just adored.
I am the knock off queen!

I love changing out pillows and accessories in my living room.
I already have an idea's brewing for spring.

If you'd like to know about the wall art check out this post.

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Metal Wall Art + plus a new pillow

You saw my metal wall art in my living room for the first time at Christmas.
I promised I would tell you all about it this year...so here goes!
When I purchased the metal wall tiles on clearance from Kirkland Home way back in 2009
 they were green.
I used one in my Christmas mantel that year.

Then in 2010 I used one in my Christmas mantel again, but I had painted it white with gray accents.

It also showed up in my Easter mantel that year.
This mantel ended up in a slide show on BHG.com...very exciting!

But, for years I have loved the gray piece in this photo styled by Atlanta Bartlett.
I decided to try to replicate this look with my wall tiles.
 So I painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.
It took at least three coats.
I then dry brushed white on the raised areas, using a damp paper towel to rub it in a bit.
 I love the greige color!
I wanted something large scale for the living room and these fit the bill...for now.
I wish the photos were lighter, but there is only a window on one side of the room and it was an overcast day.
Bare with me while I change the subject for a moment....
  Do you know when I moved I donated not one, but two white pedestals?
I always go on a purging frenzy when we move.
I really missed having one at Halloween time.
I wanted to place a pumpkin on a pedestal and place it on my breakfast room table.
I love this one made in Italy that I found at Marshall's.
I'm going to talk about the antler in an upcoming post that I've already written.
Back to the wall art...
 They will stay in the living room for now.
But I have some ideas brewing for something else.
We'll see.....
 Madly in love with my new Swiss cross pillow!
When I saw it on Salvage Dior & Simply Klassic I loved it.
Then I found out it was made by Sweet Tea & Linen and I knew it would be excellent quality.
I have a beautiful Union Jack pillow sewn by Sweet Tea & Linen that I loooove.
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