DIY Pedestal

January has been a fun month  for me.
I've been trying to finish up projects that have been sitting around the house waaaay too long.

Last year I bought this really thick candle stick from Ikea intending to make it into a pedestal and I finally made that happen.
I bought a wood disc from the craft store for the top.

First I measured to find the center of the disc and then traced the candle stick 
so I would know where to glue it.
I used Gorilla Crazy glue to attach the candle stick to the wood disc.

The disc I bought had a hole in it for making it into a clock face, so I just used
 some putty and filled the hole in.
Next I painted the disc black and sanded down the candle stick lightly so paint would adhere to it easier.
You also could just prime the whole thing, but I didn't have any primer around.

I painted the whole thing gray to start with.

Next I started dry brushing white paint on.
I wanted to show you how bad it looks at this point. 
You have to play with it quite a bit to get it looking how you want.

Finally I liked the amount of white on the piece.
I had to wipe down my brush quite a bit so the white coat went on very lightly.

I could have just left it as it was, but I wanted to add a bit of depth to the piece so I mixed some black acrylic paint with furniture wax and then rubbed it all over the pedestal.

Here is a closer look at how the darkened wax changed the look of the piece.
I think it looks a bit like zinc.
Finally I sprayed poly on the pedestal.

The completed pedestal!
So it is finally finished, now what do I do with this thing?

Hmmmm, any suggestions?

School was cancelled today because the roads are so icy in Houston...please help!
Just kidding!
I love it when my kiddos are home. :)
Stay safe and warm my pretties.

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  1. Lisa, the display is beautiful, but you might want to double check the meaning of the words in your "Ikea" sentence. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean "pederast". :)

    1. Thanks Kara! I just edited the post again and found an embarrassing amount of typos! Hopefully I've found them all and corrected them.

  2. This looks great....what a neat idea!! Love the display and the wood background!

  3. Great idea Lisa! Love the look of your pedestal.

  4. Lisa,
    The pedestal came out great. Love the look you gave it. Have fun with the kiddo's home.

  5. Your new pedestal turned out great! Isn't it great to finish projects. My boys are home today too - -25 wind chills - too cold to be outside for any length of time. I was so happy to not have to get up early :) I kinda like snow days too!

  6. What a great idea, it really looks great!

  7. It's funny that you have had the pedestal for so long. I can hardly remember why I bought some of the things I have. I love the pedestal you made and the paint finish you put on it. Useful for so many things - food, candles and your flowers. :)

  8. So clever! It does look like zinc! Hard to believe you are having icy weather, it is sweltering here, ice would be most welcome. Xx Sharon

  9. That turned out great...looks like you bought it at a high end store.

  10. I love the way that turned out! It looks perfect.


  11. It's beautiful and I love the lavender on top - one of my favorites to grow.

  12. It's beautiful Lisa and I actually think it looks so pretty the way that you have it with the bunched lavender! It will be great to have for displaying food at parties too!

  13. Lisa, I love how this turned out! And I think it looks great with the lavender bundle :)

  14. Hi Lisa! I love your pedestal! It does look kinda like zinc. Very nice...I'm sure you will find many uses for it. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us. I saw your post over at "Wow Us Wednesday" blog party.

  15. I love this project.

    I just bought a mini cloche and I think I need to make a pedestal like yours for my cloche.

  16. What a good idea! That turned out great, Lisa. Maybe you could use it for candles? :)

  17. Wow that's so pretty. Looks like an old zinc piece.