My Latest Yard Sale Find

Long time no blog post!
I only posted one time last month and I don't think that has ever happened before!
Things have been busy and good.
I have found a new (wonderful) way to buy and sell things.
It is a facebook yard sale site that is just for my town.
Unlike Craiglist that covers a huge geographical area.

I have mostly been selling things on the site.
But, when I saw these shelves for only $20.00, I knew I had to have them!
I thought it was going to be much smaller, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how tall and sturdy
 it was.

(The beautiful sign is from The House Of Belonging.)
I am using it to hold and organize school supplies, but just for fun I staged it for you guys.
I pulled all kinds of white dishes out of my cupboards.
The dishes are from thrift stores, Walmart, 99 cents store etc.
I'm really fancy when it comes to dishes. ;)

I just love it when something is both practical and beautiful!
My mom is the same way.
I know she would love this too.
Although she'd prefer it in white. (Hi, Mom!)

Have you found any great deals lately?
Anything both useful and beautiful?

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  1. Wow Lisa what a great find. How do I get onto Facebook Yard Sale. Do you do that from your face book page? Sounds interesting. Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day.

  2. That's so cool Lisa! I didn't know there were Facebook yard sales! I'm going to check out my area to see if there is one! I love the stand - so pretty! And, the sign is amazing! Did you make it or buy it somewhere? Also - I'm the same way with dishes - mostly thrift store finds and bargains!

  3. Nice!!! It is so cute with all the white dishes.

  4. That's fun! A friend of mine told me about the Facebook yard sale thing in her area. She said sometimes you even just leave the item on the front porch and people pick it up and leave money via the honor system. That's great!

  5. I adore the cups and saucers and plates with the little beads around them. Of course, I've got to find a sign that says that! I believe we have to remind ourselves of who we are.. Yes, chosen, redeemed, anointed, a Child of the Most High King.

  6. This is so great, Lisa! You can use it a thousand ways!

    My daughter belongs to one of these community pages and is going to give me the info. I think it will be great to buy and sell!

    I love the sign!


  7. Great find Lisa! I LOVE our local Facebook tag sale sites too!

  8. That is so cute….I love it staged with the white dishes and pink blooms on top…so pretty! It will come in handy for sure. Have a nice week!

  9. Love this - what a great find! I have a FB yard sale group where I live too but haven't looked at it lately. Think I need to check it out again! :)

  10. That is such a pretty wicker stand. I love how you styled it. I've never heard of a Facebook yardsale group before. Great idea!

  11. What a great find! You could use it for so many different things.

  12. Great find Lisa! I love it when you get something for a great price and better yet...have somewhere to put it! :) We have a FB yardsale as well but I've never bought anything from it. I'll have to check it out more often!
    Leelee @ paperbagstyling

  13. Yes I do love it, thanks for the shout out, hon.

  14. Your shelves look so pretty! I love them under that great sign :)
    It's funny, my one friend has been selling tons of stuff on a FB page like that, too!

  15. Your shelf is so cute and styled beautifully.

    I will have to check to see if there is a facebook yardsale page in my area. What a great way to thrift.

  16. I am so excited for yard sale season... it doesn't start around here though till May(ish). You did a beautiful job putting it all together! :)
    Kendra @

  17. This is so adorable. I'm such a sucker for warm cane open shelving.