A Happy Headboard

Once upon a time I wanted to build myself a headboard, but I was too nervous to start from scratch.
 So, I got the "brilliant" idea to buy a simple, cheap headboard off of Craigslist and build onto it.
The problem is my husband is 6'9" and so we have a California King mattress.
 It is very difficult to find a Cal. King headboard on Craigslist.
 The end.

Just kidding....I finally found this one. I can't find the before photos I took, so here is one from the listing. After having the headboard sit around for two years I came to the conclusion that that it would be too difficult (for me) to add onto this piece because there are too many raised panels and trim.

So I did the next best thing and painted it white. Beautiful, glorious, pure white chalk paint.
I do love this color! Paint really transforms, doesn't it?

I lightly distressed the piece and sealed it with furniture wax. 
Want a little education?
A Cal. King mattress is longer and more narrow than a king sized.
Cal. King is 72"W and 84"L and a regular King is 76"W and 80"L.
You learned something today....Yay!!!!!

I actually plan to sell the headboard though, so if you are in the Houston area and are interested let me know. :) I am finally going to attempt to build my dream headboard...from scratch.

BTW...can you believe this totally cute lamp and lampshade came from Walmart? 
The lamp looks like wood, but it isn't. I think it is made of resin? 
It comes from their Better Homes and Gardens brand. They also have a floor lamp I am totally diggin'

Before I go, I have to show you these flowers my hubby brought home for me...for no reason!
They aren't something I ever would have chosen, but I LOVE them!!
The vibrant colors remind me of the Pharrell song Happy.
If you haven't heard the song go to youtube right now!!
You can't help but be happy when listening to Happy.
Ok, have a happy, happy, happy weekend peeps! It's my Birthday so I know mine will be! :)

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  1. I love the new color of your headboard. White is always safe and immediately updates that stained look of wood. I had no idea your husband was so tall! Does he play basketball? I have that same lamp from Walmart too. I also have the floor lamp. They really are pretty and such a good price. I was happy to see Walmart selling things that look more stylish. You certainly can't beat their prices. Hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend!

  2. The headboard looks lovely in pure white and that totally updates it. Hopefully you will find someone looking hard for a Cali king as well. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Our oldest son turns 17 on Saturday.

  3. Great transformation! I love the fresh new updated look of the headboard….lovely!

  4. Your headboard looks great! However, I have no doubt that you can build your dream headboard. Go for it!

  5. Love the white! And I know you can make the headboard you really want! Can't wait to see it :)
    When I want projects done but I'm a bit scared to do it or I can't quite get my hubby into it I say 'but it will be a GREAT blog post!' :)

  6. that is absolutely gorgeous What a transformation! I wouldn't have given the first one a second of attention but the after is to die for!!!!!

  7. I love the new headboard look! Good luck with making your dream headboard - I know that it will turn out beautifully!

  8. The headboard turned out great....love the fresh color!!!! Your flowers are so pretty, what a sweet hubby you have :o) Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Love what you did to the bed. I hope you have a Very Happy Birthday.

  10. I love the headboard! It looks so great in white! I find bed sizes can be so confusing and here in Dubai there are also lots of European stores and their king is like a North American queen so you really need to pay attention. Have a wonderful birthday weekend! xo

  11. I love what you did with your head board. I have been looking for one for the past few weeks, to do something very similar. When you are not looking for something, you see them everywhere. Then when you want something, they are no where to be fond, LOL.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. Your headboard turned out gorgeous! And I'm so excited you told about your lamp because I love it and have been looking for a (reasonable) base like that! Your hubby is a sweetie...love that 'Happy' song :)

  13. I have painted so many pieces but the power of paint never seizes to amaze me! Your headboard looks gorgeous! And I'm sure you will do just as great on your hand built headboard :)

    Rayana @ FiRefinishBlog.com

  14. It's beautiful painted up in all white! Love all the details.

  15. Great job! Looks brand new with that coat of paint!

  16. Great Craigslist find and great make over. I bet the headboard you decide to make yourself will turn out great too. Happy building.


  17. So beautiful! Love the headboard painted white and those details are gorgeous!