My Christmas Living Room 2014

I almost didn't decorate my living room for Christmas this year.
Since moving into this house I haven't had a chance to touch this room.
No rug, art, paint...nothing.
But it's the first room you see when you walk in the door and I couldn't stand it being bare a moment longer!
So I decided to just do a very simple, clean, cottage Christmas.

I'm so happy that I did!
Christmas doesn't have to be overdone and complicated to feel festive.

I pulled out my favorite grain sack style reindeer pillow that I found last year.
I love having a room in soft whites, grays and soft's very serene.

I placed a fresh tree in a birch bark pot.
I found this deer at Big Lots, it had a wreath around its neck, but I removed it.
I chose this deer because it has such a sweet face.
I'm a little obsessed with deer.

I have two of the wooden white reindeer and I've had them for well over ten years.
I enjoy moving them around from room to room over the years.

On the other end table is this cloche I found at Marshall's.
I picked up the deer ornament from Kohl's and created a tiny woodland for her.

I wanted to take a photo for you guys without the glare of the glass. 
I used a tiny Christmas tree and a glittered mushroom and this cool variety of moss 
from World Market.

So there you have it. My Christmas living room for 2014.
I actually kind of love the sweet simplicity, but I'm hoping next year the room looks very different. :)

How about a little trip down memory lane?
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  1. Beautiful and wintry. Love the reindeer!

  2. I like bareness, in such a 'cluttered' world it brings me peace to have a home that is somewhat bare. So I think your living room is perfect. It is where I would want to sit if I came to visit.

  3. Those look like the perfect little touches in there.

    You have a sofa and coffee you know what you want to do in there? Sometimes figuring that out is the hardest part.

  4. Very pretty. I really like the calmness and natural touches.

  5. Love your sweet simplicity. Very pretty.

  6. Such pretty decor! I love the little deer with the sweet face. I've found some really nice things at Big Lots too. You never know where you're going to find unique things. :)

  7. Simple is best! Everything looks great, and I LOVE that reindeer pillow!!

  8. I think you did a great job with that room. I love the little vignette under the cloche.