Vintage Ruler Heart: Project Challenge #1(Paint)

Valentine's day is just around the corner s I thought I would whip up a fun heart project and you still have time to make one too!

I am so excited to join this very talented group of ladies for Project Challenge. Every month we have  been given a new material/theme to work with and then you get to see how we all have our different ways of carrying it out. It should be fun!
This month we are all doing projects with paint or stain.

I decided I wanted to make a heart using vintage rulers, but I didn't have enough of the ruler to complete the heart so I needed to supplement with a yardstick from Lowe's. They are very cheap! (Yay!) I bought a felt heart from the craft store, positioned my rulers onto the heart and when I was happy with the arrangement I simply hot glued the rulers onto the heart.

I thought it would be fun to have some pink rulers for Valentine's day and so I took the yardstick pieces and taped off the numbers. I then sprayed white primer on all the wording underneath the numbers (Lowe's etc). Once the primer dried I used some pink acrylic paint. I then used my fingers to wipe of a lot of the paint on the top because I wanted the numbers to show through the paint. 

Finally I threaded a ribbon though the felt heart backing and tied it onto an empty white frame.
No time to run to the store for fresh flowers so I used faux flowers I bought at Ikea. They come in ugly black plastic pots so I painted the pots white for more of a cottage look.

I feel like I should mention that one of the vintage ruler was already broken so it wasn't has painful to cut up! :)

I am so excited to see what the other ladies in the group have come up with ad I hope you check them all out too!


  1. that is SO cute! I never would've thought to make something like that out of painted rulers. I like it hanging in the open frame too.

  2. Love how you hung it in the open frame! What a perfect Valentine's project!

  3. That is so cute! I don't have any rulers....but I bet I could find some!!

  4. Lisa,
    This is toooooo cute. I love this idea. Just adorable.

  5. I do love that! It's so cute hanging there. :)

  6. Love a quick project that turns out AMAZING!!! I love it!!

  7. How cute is that?! Love how you attached them all askew!

  8. Lisa....I am so late making it over to comment even though I have viewed your project before, which I love. You are so clever. Keeping up with my new shop space is hogging my blog reading time. Hope you are doing great and loving your home. :)

  9. Beautiful. I especially love the distressed frame!