Vintage Tobacco Tin

Last spring Courtney from French Country Cottage shared an old tobacco tin that she 
found in a thrift store.
(p.s. her photos are much better than mine!)
 I became obsessed with it. I mean it was instant l.o.v.e. 
So I spent hours and hours scouring Ebay until I found a couple.
 They weren't selling for thrift store prices, but they weren't outrageous either, so I went for it.

(It is white even though it has a yellowish hue in this photo)
I love the script and the design...just everything!
Well, I wish it was a tin for something a little more wholesome than tobacco, but you 
know what I mean. ;)

As much as I love my tin, since we moved this summer, it has just been sitting in our garage.
 I really need to find a special spot for it in my home so I can gaze at it daily!

I just love old stuff! Don't you? :)


  1. Hi, It's very pretty, I am starting to love old stuff more now, then before I think you change as you get older. Lovely flowers too!xx

  2. It's so pretty.....I love the script! I hope you find the perfect spot for it :o)

  3. Yep - i love old stuff :) loverly. Wow - a real live non-thrift store purchase! :)

  4. I just love old vintage items that one can reuse like this. So pretty.

  5. Yes, I do love old stuff!! Come to my home and it is proof! Not antiques really, but old stuff!!

  6. GOR.GEOUS! I've been pulling out heirlooms and placing them in with my decor. Rusty and chippy - love it all. This is beautiful and I especially love the hydrangeas paired with it! Perfection!

  7. It's very pretty! And yes, it definitely deserves a special spot in your new home. :)

  8. I love this too!
    Mary Ellen filled one with flowers for our white show last year and it was stunning!
    I'm off to ebay to look for one!

  9. I think I recall seeing that tobacco tin before. I love it with the purple hydrangeas!

  10. What a find! I love it too! The printing is gorgeous and it's perfect for holding flowers

  11. It's so pretty! Love the words. I love that you saw something and then searched the world over for your own. :)

    I'm feeling great. Thanks for your sweet message today.