Project Challenge #2 Thrift Store Make-Over-French Market Cow

So it is that time of month again where I have the pleasure of joining with a group of very talented  Bloggers for Project Challenge. 

This months challenge is near and dear to my heart.
We were to make over an item from the thrift store that cost $5.00 or less. 
There isn't much that I like to do more than turn trash into treasure!
 So I was very excited to take this one on!

I already had this wooden cow I found at the thrift store for only $3.00.
 She was cute, but very country looking and a little dated, so I decided I would given her more 
of a French Country look.

First I gave her several coats of black acrylic paint.

Even though I did not use chalkboard paint I've found you usually can still use chalk on items that have been painted with black acrylic.
 I tried drawing some butcher cuts on my cow with chalk and I had planned to paint over the chalk lines when I was finished, but I wasn't liking how it looked so I decided to go in a different direction.

I sanded off some of the black paint so it didn't have such a matte look.
 I think this gives this piece the look of more texture and interest.
 I then used a French Market stencil that I got from Etsy several years ago.
 The stencil didn't fit perfectly, but I like the way it turned out.
I finished off the cow with some furniture wax and then buffed the piece so it is nice and smooth and easy to keep clean.

I set up a vignette in my kitchen with some breadboards, a French style pot, a new candle and a cute dish towel with black stripes to tie in with my black cow.

Not bad for $3.00, right?!

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  1. Love it Lisa! It turned out just perfect.

  2. Great the whole vignette!

  3. wow, they are very creative !!! angie wants a nice Friday from Germany

  4. Oh, how I love this and can't wait to copy. I see cows and other wood cutouts frequently. I kind of had a duh moment.

  5. Oh My! Lisa I'm in love with your cow! It's perfection!

  6. You are so talented and creative! I like both ways you transformed that piece. I like the way the stencil doesn't fit perfectly too.

  7. I love when you are working on a project and you have something in mind, but it doesn't look right and you end up with something even better!! I LOVE the cow. I always pass up these old tole painted projects not knowing what to do with them. I won't anymore!! ;)

  8. LOVE this......PINNING for sure! Christine from Little BRags

  9. It looks great! I love how the stencil doesn't fit perfectly too. Makes it a beautiful piece. :)

  10. Adorable. I saw a pig like this at the thrift store and if it's still there, might try something like this on it too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. very neat! But I must have missed project 1 - gonna go look for it.

  12. Lisa,
    This is super cute. I love your new french market cow and to do this for $3 you rock girl.
    Have a great week end.

  13. AWESOME makeover the whole vignette!!

  14. It's such a simple little project but it leaves a big impact. I think I love doing those the most. Great job!

  15. I'm kind of in awe of the way you transformed that old country cow. Seriously, now it looks frenchy and sophisticated. Way to go!!

  16. So cute, as much as I liked it before, the up styling to its black Frenchness is so now!
    Love how your $3.00 thrift turned into a look and design of many dollars :)

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me, your comments joy my days.


  17. From cutesy to charming! Love it, Lisa!! And that was an awesome find for $3!!! Cheers

  18. Totally charming! I love the way the stencil looks! Pinning this one to my Bovine Love Board. Thanks!

  19. Cool! And all the objects look charming together.