Project Challenge: Linen~Easter Sign

So the Project Challenge this month was to use linen or leather. 
I don't sew and was just pretty stumped on what to do.
Then I saw linen wrapped canvas at the craft store and decided to make an Easter sign.
Maybe not the most wildly creative idea out there, but I think it turned out cute. :)

Supplies:You could make your own linen wrapped canvas, but Michael's had these cute ones with nail head trim so I just decided to use that.
 I also got a paint pen, a wooden bunny and some metal embellishments.

The craft store didn't have any white fabric paint pens, so I got one that is supposed to be for use on metal or glass and I was nervous it wouldn't work, but luckily it did! 
I traced the bunny with my paint pen and had originally planned on painting it white, but decided I liked the look of the bunny outline.
 I think it would also be cute to glue a little puff ball on the bunnies tale, but I didn't think about it until I had already bought my supplies.
I know lettering is a weak point for me creatively so I had wanted to use white stickers, but they didn't have any in the right size.
 So then I got the idea to trace some letter stickers I already had.
Sadly I should have used a pen with a finer tip for this to work better.
 Learn a lesson from me and practice on a scrap piece of fabric first!!
Finally I spray painted my metal embellishments white and placed them in the corners of the canvas. I then used a ruler and drew lines to connect the four corners.

Besides my wonky letters I do think the sign turned out pretty cute! 
The others ladies in the group have blown me away with their creativity, you have GOT to check them out!!

AND, I'm super excited to have YOU join us and link up one of your projects made with
 linen or leather!


  1. This is super cute Lisa! Great way to use linen without sewing and I love the embellishments on the corner. The paint pen is a fun way to outline the bunny too - I don't think I'd have thought of that :)

  2. Lisa! This turned out really cute!! I love how it turned out!!

  3. You do the cutest projects every time! That is a super sweet sign. I love bunnies.

  4. Lisa, that's such a sweet project! You did a great job and it's so perfect for the Easter season.

  5. Great project! I actually purchased this canvas yesterday, and just finished your Happy Easter design, and it is now hanging in my kitchen. My son suggested sticking on a white pom pom for a tale, so I am temporarily using a cotton ball. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you made the sign!!

  6. Awwww. That's really cute! The great thing about crafting is you have something "one of a kind".

  7. Your project is adorable, Lisa! I love how they are making canvases in different materials now...creative and a real time saver! Thanks for sharing...I'm inspired!

  8. I love how you decorate for holidays!!! It looks classy and never cheesy. I'm going to copy you, like I usually do.