Vintage Picket Sign~Project Challenge 5

It's one of my favorite times of the month...Project Challenge time!
This month our challenge was to create something with fencing of some sort.
At first I was going to build an herb box out of fence posts and I was pretty excited about it too.
But can I confess something to you? I really suck at building things!

So instead I made the worlds easiest sign!
But just because it was easy doesn't mean that I don't love it madly!
I bought this wonderful old picket at an antique store for under $10 because I just 
couldn't NOT get it.
I didn't know what in the world I was going to do with it.

Then I decided to use my French Market stencil on it and it fit so perfectly! Yay!
I was very careful to use a light touch with the paint so the wording would look old.
I just love the rustic goodness at the end of the picket!

And how sweet is the picket! 
Oh, don't you just love the character of old things!?!
The chippiness of the white paint is perfection too!

My dining room was starting to look a little formal and it needed to be infused with some of the cottage style that I love so much.
I think bringing in a vintage, chippy piece helps to do that.

My dining room is a work in progress.
The chandelier came with the house.
 I have a lovely gray chandelier waiting to be hung, but I am scared to do it!

We are also using a (too small) kitchen table in the room right now because I haven't found the perfect table yet.
 I'm pretty picky.

 I realize I haven't shared much of my home on the blog this year and it's because I want all the rooms to be "perfect" before I show them.
 I'm not one of those bloggers that can put together the perfect room in two minutes flat. ;)
But, I've decided to change my ways and share more "in progress" rooms on my blog.
 You probably take your time putting together a room too and can totally relate.

The mirror that is under my new (old) sign I am in the process of painting, but it isn't quite finished yet either.
 I'm looking forward to showing you a before and after of that piece in the future.

So that's my little fence project, now you have GOT to check out what the other mega talented ladies in our group have been up too!
 A special welcome to Susan from Homeroad who is new to our Project Challenge group!

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  1. Love that little picket! Lots of rustic goodness there! I think our homes are kind of always a work in progress. I know I switch things up so often, my hubby sometimes comes home from work to find I've moved things around AGAIN. Lol! Love that mirror in your dining room!

  2. Love it! And yes I am slowly redoing my livingroom one project at a time - first up hanging the new curtains....

  3. LOVE that! Sometimes the simplest things are the best and this is one of those!

  4. That was a great idea to make a sign from that fence post! I love the lettering on it. I think your dining room looks great! I love the table. I know it needs to be bigger for 6 chairs, but I love the style and finish. I also like your chandelier too. I think it looks nice with the style that you have in there (even though you want to change it). I would love to see more of your home as you make more progress with it.

  5. Love your cute picket sign. It looks so sweet above your mirror. I love your dining room.

  6. I love your sign! You are so right that it adds the perfect amount of chippiness to a formal room. That stencil is wonderful.

    Do share more of your house. It's a work in progress for everyone. We moved into this house three years ago as of this past weekend. It's all still a work in progress for me....I'm like you and have to think on things and then there's the changing my mind part too. :)

  7. Thank you Lisa for visiting me taking the time to comment always joys....
    Your dinning room table is perfect, I love the tone that anchors your French decor, the chandelier I really like and would be able to live with it for years to come with how you decorate it works fabulously. But so not fear hanging a new one, my daughter will hold the weight of one while I rewire and place the screws in and the new one is hung....they are super easy to hang, they look a lot harder then you think, just place tape holding down the light switch to off so not to accidentaly switch it on while working with the wiring. I did all of mine in my home and the extérior ones as well.

    Now as for the picket? This was a great idea, loving that you gave us all an easy project to recreate, only now to find a weathered picket :). I do have a very short tip of a picket about 12 inches long, I could use that piece for a small word ?

    Have a great, finding the time to brave that chandelier, or Not !!


  8. I love the sign! You did a perfect job making it look old and worn. I was admiring your table before you said you were looking for something larger---I'll take it when you do! Love it! Thanks for showing us your room even if it's not "finished". Nothing in my home ever is...I'm always flitting from one thing to the next. Actually, I think it looks pretty darned good now!

    Jane x

  9. Lisa I love, love the picket sign, and all you have created. I understand what you mean my home is always in a state of "not quite finished"!! Since I see you on Instagram I thought I had better come visit and am so glad I did!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. So cute. Your dining room is adorable.

  11. Lisa - love your sign! That is a darling shape of the picket. Really looks great in your DR.


  12. I'm not good at building things either... :( But your sign is perfect!