Project Challenge: Metal

It's time for Project Challenge again and this month we were to come up with a creation using metal.
Five years ago I gave a Craiglist coffee table a make over by covering the top of the table with galvanized roofing tiles (you can check it out here).
 I knew immediately that this was the metal I wanted to work with again.

I love the look of galvanized metal and at 50 cents for an 8" x 8" square you can't beat the price!
So cheap that I decided to make two different creations using the roofing tiles.

Some of the other supplies I used for my projects are a burlap canvas, a key from the $1 section at Michael's, a fancy frame, paint and my handy dandy glue gun.

Ok, this is kind of embarrassingly simple to make.
 I simply hot glued the metal tile onto the burlap canvas and viola..instant memo board!
As you can see the galvanized metal is metallic. :)

For my second project I spray painted my frame and key bright white.
 Then I, once again, used my hot glue gun to attach the tile to the back of the frame and glued the key onto the metal tile.
 I just love the look of the silver up against the white.
 It really pops!

I then decided to create a bit of a shabby chic gallery wall using my two projects.
I added some chunky white frames that I already had and filled them with pink cottage flowers from some cards that I've held onto for yeas.
I also hung up a metal "S" I found at the craft store.
I kind of ~heart~ the way it all looks together!

I also found a metal sphere from Hobby Lobby which I thought tied in nicely 
with the other metal pieces.
A vintage fan my dad gave me brings even more of that yummy gray metal to the space.

Since one of the projects was a memo board I though the perfect spot for my gallery wall was above my Queen Anne desk. (Another Project Challenge creation you can check out here)
I think the metal adds just a touch of industrial chic to an otherwise very feminine space.
If you decide to work with the galvanized tiles do be careful because the edges are sharp.
It is a good idea to wear some work gloves when creating with it.
If you decide to try your hand at creating with roof tiles I'd love to hear about it!

Be sure to check out all kinds of metal awesomeness done by the other ladies in the group!
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And link up YOUR awesome metal projects.....
I can't wait to see them!


  1. I love the way your wall looks too and the simplicity of the projects is great! I think I'll be getting me some of those roof tiles to have around to add some fun to some wood projects i am going to be working on!

  2. Great project....they look fabulous hung above your desk!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Those are such cute projects! I never knew you could buy metal sheets like that so inexpensively!

  4. I had no idea you could get metal shingles that cheap--love it! And the metal S is awesome too!

  5. Very pretty and I'm on those metal pieces! Love your gallery wall !

  6. I love the look the metal gives! Thank you for the simple yet awsome ideas!!

  7. I had no idea those metal tiles were available to purchase (And so inexpensive! Love that!) I have several of those metal spheres from Hob Lob too. I looked for them for ages and when I finally found some at Hob Lob, I bought 4 in different sizes. :) Love that vintage fan too!

  8. Very cute idea Lisa.. And yes you definitely can't beat the price!

  9. Didn't even know these tiles existed. Nicely done n I appreciate the head's up.

  10. I love your creations. The memo board is my favorite!

  11. Awesome ideas! And it looks so cute all together!

  12. That is cute. I can think of stuff to do with that in my classroom. I'll have to check it out. I can't wait to see your new house.