Project Challenge #7: Reclaimed Wood

I am so excited for this months Project Challenge material...reclaimed wood!
Mmmm, yummy!

I just love reclaimed wood!

 Now I would love it if I had some wonderful old barn wood lying around, but I don't, so I used old decaying fence posts.
p.s. they were free :) 

I decided to stencil my old wood and make a sign using a stencil I already had.
This is how it looked at first.
Yikes! Pretty bad!

The wood it so bumpy it was very difficult to stencil, so I then grabbed a tiny paint brush and carefully filled in white parts and then I used some gray paint that matched the wood perfectly to cover areas where the white was all smudged.

 This was very tedious so I worked at it little by little over several days until I was finally happy with the way it looks.

Oh, and how did I make the wood into a sign?
Well, this is kind of embarrassing....

I am like, the worst, at wood working and building things (which is totally not fair because my dad is an expert and he should have passed his wood working genes onto me!).

Anyhoo...I glued the wood planks together with wood glue!
Yeah, it worked, although it's not the strongest piece around.

So you should probably jump onto to Pinterest if you want to learn the "proper" way to build a sign.
Whatevs, I gotter done!

The paint colors in my new house are not to my taste and I haven't had time to paint yet.
Basically the only paint color I like is the gray in my master bathroom, so it was a no brainer to hang the sign in there to show it to you.
But it just so happens that I am loving it here, so it just might stay!

My husband...hasn't even noticed (or has noticed and chosen not to remark on it).
Is your husband the same way?

Last year I bought new nightstands and months and months and months went by with no comment.
I finally asked if he had noticed and it turns out he DID, but he just doesn't care.

Well I'd rather have a husband that doesn't notice/care than one who is going to butt in and actually have an opinion on things in the house.
 I pretty much have free reign so I shouldn't complain.
I have my blogger buddies to say "well done"!
So thanks friends!

Before's are always fun, so here is a picture of the master bathroom from the real estate listing.
The  dark balloon valence and brown towels were just not my taste.

New towels to lighten the space up and a vintage style sign reflect my style and I love the space now.
When I'm lying in bed I can see this spot and it make me really happy!

I'm so excited to check out what the other ladies in the Project Challenge group have come up with this month!

AND...pretty please with sugar on top link up YOUR favorite reclaimed wood project!
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  1. This turned out so pretty! Old decaying fence boards are my favorite kind of reclaimed wood!

  2. Lisa! It is so pretty. I love that you didn't trim the edges so they have all that rustic goodness that is so authentic. I really need to make me a sign like this. Totally adds SO much character to your beautiful bathroom! I can't wait to see all the changes you make in your beautiful new house. ;)

  3. It looks great, and real woodworkers WOULD glue the pieces together so I bet your dad would too!

  4. Your sign is wonderful and perfect right where it is. Your bathtub, shower and window placement are exactly like mine and I can see that spot from my bed too!

  5. I like your reclaimed wood sign. And, it's perfect in the bath and adds a nice touch. Speaking of husbands not noticing or, choosing not to comment reminded me of a few days ago. He looked up and said when did you get that new mirror......LOL! It has been hanging in the bedroom for over a year!


  6. You did a great job. I allowed myself some creative time today. First time in a very long time. I made a grain sack canvas with a photo copy and CitraSolv. I am so pleased with the turnout. Sure does a lot to cheer me up.

  7. Lisa...Thank you so much for sharing the "before" stencil touch up because I never get my stencils to look sharp with clean edges. They always bleed. I think that one of the many reasons why I love to visit your blog is because you are real and honest about how your project really go - along with being SUPER creative and fun!!!!
    Hope your move is going smoother than mine is! I might go crazy before we get to our new destination!!aack!

  8. I love it! Your patience is amazing the way you cleaned up the stenciling.

  9. This is gorgeous and great save with the grey paint!

  10. I think you did a wonderful job! Love it in your bathroom. My hubby pretty much gives me free reign too and I love it!

  11. The sign is a great sign, so rustic charm is what is adds to your bathroom making the area feel less of a bathroom and more of an inviting area of your room of beauty and relaxation.

    I love creating rustic signs.

    See you soon


  12. LUV LUV LUV LUV this!!!!!! xoxoxo Christine from Little Brags

  13. I love how that turned out! the rustic wood makes it even more appealing.

  14. I really like it! MY husband would remark... he is a carpenter, and doesn't get 'reclaimed' --he's so used to new construction and such... sigh... I have to start training him soon!

  15. My husband is that way,,,,, if he does not like something, he says nothing. LOL Probably better that way. xo

  16. fence post'll work! Who needs a barn? :) Great location for this - may not have tho't of that. Nice, very nice!

  17. YES Lisa I remember this post..I commented on it as well.....Would love to be part of this !!!!

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