Project Challenge #8: Chicken Wire

So this months challenge material is chicken wire and I just love the look of things made with chicken wire, but I have a confession to make....I hate working with chicken wire!
I don't like getting scratched up and I don't like having to buy a huge roll when you only need a small piece.
 So you will see some really cool projects from the other ladies that they actually made from chicken wire...from scratch.
Where as I used a store bought chicken wire basket. Anyways, let's get to my project.

So here is the light fixture in my breakfast room. 
Nothing wrong with it, but it certainly doesn't have any farmhouse or cottage charm.
So, I decided to give it a makeover.

Um, please be more careful than me if you attempt this at home!
You should wear safety glasses and heavy gloves and put the light fixture inside the box.
I just set the box on the table and kind of, went for it, with my hammer (and made a mess).
p.s. take out the light bulb first!

I was left with this metal thingy that holds the light bulb.
I don't have photos of what I did next because I was talking on the phone and working on the project at the same time.
 But its pretty simple. I cut out ALL of the fabric liner from the bottom of my basket because I want to make sure the fabric is no where near the light bulb.
Then I used a wire cutter to cut a space big enough for the metal thingy to fit through.
Lastly I fit the basket over the light fixture and used wire to close up the hole and hold it in place.

So cute and I'll bet it's different than everyone else on my block.
I think the basket cost around $9.00, so it was very affordable too!

My boys come home from school at different times of day and they both noticed it right away.
Even though they are ages 6 and 16 they pretty much made the same comment.
It was along the lines of..."what have you done?". Ha!

No surprise, if you read last months post my husband said... absolutely.  nothing. 
He sat underneath it while eating dinner, he sat underneath it while working on his computer.
I am very curious to know if he even noticed the change, but I don't want to ask because if he says he DID notice it, then it means he doesn't like it.
Why get your feelings hurt when you don't have to, right?

The wall color in here came with the house. I'm thinking the wall is just crying out for shiplap.
Don't you think so?
I also have a different table I've purchased for this room, but I have to refinish it.
The projects are never done and that's the way I like it!

Oh and I thought I'd throw in a picture with the light on so you could see how that looks.
It lets off tons of light, so that's great!

Now go on and check out the other ladies super- awesome- fantastical- chicken wire projects!!
We have some new ladies joining us next month and I'm so pumped, but you have to wait and see who they are. :)


  1. Why buy a roll of scratchy chicken wire when you can do it with a basket? That is absolutely adorable and so much more your style.

  2. That is such a cute light fixture you made! Very clever! I like it a lot more than what was there before. I think it coordinates perfectly with your farmhouse style in the kitchen and those cute metal chairs.

  3. I love it, it looks perfect.....very creative too!

  4. Fabulous idea!! Makes me wish I didn't need a ceiling fan to keep cool in our understanding air conditioned house! :)

  5. It is very cute and I love that hubby either hasn't said anything because he hasn't noticed it or he doesn't like it. Too funny!

  6. Lisa,
    This is so great. I love it. It looks so cute over your dining table.

  7. It turned out great Lisa! Love it to pieces.

  8. Nice project Lisa! Your basket lamp is awesome.

  9. Awesome Lisa! I love this light so much more than the old one! Great job :)

  10. Looks great! The ready made basket seems like a great solution.

  11. Love it! It adds so much charm to your dining area.

  12. I think you did a wonderful job! You should be very proud! Love those chairs too. And yep, shiplap would look great on that wall!

  13. that is soooo incredible!!!! To even think of that, I am amazed!!