Project Challenge #9: Rusty Item

It's time once again for Project Challenge!
This month our group was challenged to create something rusty.
I knew I wanted to take something metal and make it rusty, but I wasn't sure what to use.

Then one day I found this country pitcher and knew it was just the thing!

The fact that it was deeply clearanced had me doing a happy dance.
So my plan was to soak the metal pitcher in vinegar and have it turn all rusty.
 This is a technique I've used before and I was sure it would work. didn't. Boo :(
 I soaked it for days and days and days....nothing.
It looked exactly the same!
What to do?

So I decided to use paint to give my pitcher the look of rust.
First I painted the whole thing dark brown.
 I used a stencil brush and pounced on the paint so the pitcher would have some texture to it, just like rust does.
Next I used a medium brown paint that has some orange tones to it on a few spots.
Finally I used a tiny bit of a golden tan color.
I layered the paint colors on top of each other while still wet and made sure to use the brush to blend it in really well.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
It has the warm tones of Autumn.
And the beauty of paint is I don't have to worry about flaking or staining like I would with an actual rusted item.

I set up a little Fall vignette with the pitcher in my living room.
When we moved into our house this summer this room had red walls.
I painstakingly tried sample after sample of gray paints.
I finally found one I liked and painted a bunch of samples on different walls and looked at them at  different times of day to see how the color looked in different light.

Do you know where this is going?
I broke my back painting the living and dining rooms and while I was painting I still loved the color
And then it dried.
The paint looks super blue!
So I'm back to sampling and I am going to re-paint.

Back to the rusty pitcher....
I filled it with some yellow flowers blooming in my back yard right now.
I'm normally not of fan of yellow, but they look good with the warm browns and oranges of Fall
And pumpkins! Glorious pumpkins!
Don't you just love the Fall season?.

I just had to share my favorite Fall accessory with you, our new kitten Cinnamon!
We adopted her from the animal shelter this week!

She is so sweet and cuddly and we are all smitten with our kitten!

We're so excited to have three very talented bloggers join out little group!
Welcome Happy At Home, Little Brags & Patina Paradise!

Take a look at all the rusty goodness the other ladies have made.
I know I can't wait to check them out!


  1. Well first I have to say Cinnamon is adorable! I love it when someone adopts a pet because it's such an important thing to do. Your big pitcher is wonderful all full of yellow flowers.

  2. Hi Lisa, your post made me chuckle cuz I did the exact same thing with my cans. I purchased a huge bottle of vinegar and soaked the cans for days...Nothing, NADA...LOL.....Which is why I then painted them with the spray paint !!!!! Too funny!!!!!! I love how yours turned out and the pillows in the back ground and they way you displayed the pitcher is gorgeous!!! Kittie is an extra bonus!!! MEOW!!!! Xoxoxo Christine from Little BRags

  3. Good make over. The shine and color are perfect.
    Cinnamon! She's so cute! Gray tiger cats are my favorite.

  4. So fun! I know the paint looks blue to you, but I was thinking how it looked so soothing. Nice job on the pitcher...the flowers are perfect for the season! ;)

  5. Super fun 'rusty' pitcher Lisa, not so fun that you are repainting your walls. Wall paint can be the hardest thing to get just right! but I support you in repainting if you don't like it - I need to repaint mine instead of looking at them every day and wishing they were done!

  6. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who tried soaking a piece to get it to rust without much success. The pitcher looks great in its new rusty paint job. Great job styling it as well. Your space is so warm and inviting. ;o)

  7. I love how you transformed that pitcher. you made it look great for your Fall decor. It has a rich color to it. I thought it was naturally rusty until you showed how you painted it!

  8. I for sure thought this pitcher was really rusty when I saw the first picture. Nice job!

  9. I'm having so much trouble commenting today...I hope this one goes through. :) Anyway, your pitcher looks lovely! Paint to the rescue, right? :) Cinnamon looks a lot like my Holly. She's a cutie! Your boys will love having a kitten.

  10. Love the pitcher! Paint is almost always a "to the rescue" technique, isn't it? :-) I have never tried to soak something in vinegar to get it to rust...I'll have to try it. Cinnamon is adorable! I had to smile about your walls needing repainted. :-) I also have no rest until something is exactly the color it needs to be!

  11. You really did a great job with the paint. It looks like real rust!