Project Challenge #10: Duct Tape

I've been so excited for this months challenge...duct tape!
I've been waiting 10 long months to be able to make my vision become a reality and I finally get to share it with all of you!

 I've known for quite awhile I wanted to make some beautiful tape feathers.
First I went to Google images and looked at feather outlines.
I didn't find an exact one that I liked, so I ended up making my own version.
Once I drew my feather I cut it out and used it as a template on some poster board so my feathers would be study.
I traced them with a brown marker to match my tape and then drew a line down the middle of the feather.

After I cut the feathers out I covered them with this beautiful tape I found on Etsy.
The tape is clear with brown calligraphy on it.
Leave it to me to be the rebal in the group and not use duct tape like I was sopposed too! 
There are so many fun duct tape patterns out there now days, but I couldn't find one that I felt was my style, so I used a decorative tape instead.
But, you could definitely use duct tape to make these feathers.

Here is a close up of the completed feather! #giddy
There are so many different things you could do with these!
I originally was going to make a garland for my fireplace, but I really love my Fall mantel the way it is now and ended up not wanting to change it (you can check it out here).

So instead I decided to make a boho style wall hanging!
I don't know that I really need to explain to you how to make this, but here goes.
I cut a branch from a tree in my back yard and used some twine to make a hanger.
I then just used Scotch tape to attach the feathers to the twine and the twine to the branch.
Varying the lengths of the twine adds interest.

I thought it would be fun to add a Fall vignette to the scene.
I am so madly in love with these birch bark pumpkins I found at Target!

To add a little more boho flair I brought out my fake fur and draped it on a chair and 
added an ikat pillow.
I love the mix of formal and casual!

I keep saying it's boho style, but I also think it has a bit of a Nordic influence too.
Which is pretty funny since we are in hot, dry, Texas...but there ya go!

It's so fun seeing what the other ladies come up with each month.
I always worry that there will be duplicates, but it has never happened.
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  1. I have been so curious as to what you used on those feathers. I love that tape and how easy (except drawing the feather part).

    Nice job!!!

  2. Lisa your feather are so pretty. I adore that tape, I am going to have to get some for myself. The way you have them displayed is really cool too! Great Job.

  3. Good morning Lisa, i have been excited to read your post and find out how you made those feathers. I love love love how you displayed them on the branch and yes it's totally Nordic (my favorite) . Super display as well, where did you snatch that grey fur from ??? LUVVVVV it

  4. Lisa, your feathers are simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them!! The french script looks amazing. Thank you for the awesome idea. ;)

  5. Very pretty and you would never guess it was tape!

  6. Your vignette is so pretty and the leaf mobile adds so much interest and added texture.

  7. I love your whole vignette and seating area the feathers tie in all so well!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feathers! SO cute Lisa!

  9. I would love to make some feathers like yours. Would you be willing to share your feather pattern with us? I like that it's not so small as so many are. Now to find that tape you used on them. I have some paper with writing on it, guess could use that to trace onto feathers, my writing wouldn't be legible. Your whole vignette is awesome, love chair with fur and that Ikat pillow. Love it all, doggone it. Have a great weekend

  10. Well I learned something new today. I never knew there was decorative tape out there like that. I don't do a lot of crafts, so that would explain it. Your feathers look so neat and I like how you displayed them. Very creative. I bet your son likes it too!

  11. you little rebel.... I wouldn't have been quite into the actual duct tape either. But these feathers are adorable!

  12. OH, oh, oh! Super cool, what great holiday ornaments for the Christmas tree filled with feathers and birds and nestlings. Love love love the printed duck tape, and I have seen the animal prints as well.

    Thank you beautiful for taking the time to visit my site, and best leaving a comment on your way home that joys my weekend.


  13. These are beautiful! I'm pinning them! I hope you'll come link up at the Vintage Inspiration Party every Tuesday evening at Knick of Time! :)

  14. I absolutely love this! The feathers would also make a great name tag on a Thanksgiving table. Can't wait to see what you do for the Texas blog hop. Hope you are enjoying a cozy Monday.

  15. Thanks for posting this great idea! You inspired and really helped me as I was actually thinking of making some decoration on the wall with feathers.