Project Challenge #11: Beadboard

So for the first time this year I thought I wasn't going to be able to participate in Project Challenge.
We had to create something using beadboard. I love beadboard, but I just couldn't think of something to make with it and I didn't have time for a large project, like putting beadboard on the wall.
Then inspiration struck and I got so excited...
I would build a beadboard collar for our Christmas tree!

Sorry I don't have step by step photos for you. My kids get the whole week off of school for Thanksgiving, so I needed to whip this puppy out and spend time with them.
My lil guy and I went to Home Depot and had them take two 8ft beadboards and cut them into 12" pieces. I then glued and clamped the pieces together.

I spray painted it red and then used a black stencil on the front so it would look nice with the buffalo check wrapping paper I am using this year. I can always change out the paint if I go with a different theme next year.

In years past I put my Christmas tree stand in a galvanzed tub, but we bought a fake tree last year and it wouldn't fit.
 I was so sad because I'm just not a Christmas tree skirt girl. I like to have something unique.

I am calling this a collar, but in reality it only has three sides because we always keep our tree up against the wall. 
My husband even loves the collar and you know how he usually doesn't even notice/acknowledge any of my projects.

We haven't actually decorated our tree yet.
 I just had my youngin' throw some stuff on the bottom of the tree for the photos. Once Thanksgiving is over we have to fluff the tree and put on ribbon and then we will properly decorate it together.
Hot chocolate and Christmas carols. Eeeee, I love this time of yer!!

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  1. It looks Great Lisa! You did a fabulous job!! I bought a couple fake trees too and have to use skirts this year because we are not fully unpacked yet! :P I will keep your brilliant idea in mind!! :0)

  2. Perfect! What a wonderful idea. No tree skirt to get all jumbled up and in the way of the vaccum. I'm diggin' this idea!! ;)

  3. What a cute and creative idea--I never would have thought of that but now my brain is turning. Love it!

  4. Lisa, don;t you just love it when inspiration strikes ??? LOL.....This truly is a amazing idea and I love that german stencil you use (I know you used if before as well). You see I am from Germany and I actually have family in the city of Gottingen!!!! LOVE IT

  5. Lisa, this is super cute and fun! Love it! And that is so fun your hubby likes it too :)

  6. Oh this is just super! I love old grain sacks and it almost looks like it could be an old crate. Pinning!

  7. This is adorable. One of the best ways to disguise a Christmas tree stand. I love that you can change it from year to year.

  8. Love it! The color is beautiful and the stencil couldn't be more perfect. What a neat idea. :)

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I am visiting from Shelstring blog.
    Love this so much! I am so into red at Christmas and I love the pops of red and the stencil is just perfect!
    What a great way to use beadboard!

  10. What a great way to use bead board! I really like how you stenciled it too. That adds such a personal touch.

  11. Lisa, your project is great! Love the idea of using this for the tree. You did a terrific job. Love that Santa figure in the tartan coat. Did you find him this year? Would love to find one for our home.

  12. This project is really great! I do really like the way you used this bead board! Looks really great!