Master Bathroom Plan~ORC Week 3

I'm busy painting away on my bathroom cabinets and it is in the ugly stage.
So instead of showing you photos of that, I'm going to discuss my plans for my master bathroom and show you some inspiration pics.

I made a little mood board for my bathroom.
White cabinets and mirrors, fun accessories & damask towels.
I'll also add a lattice rug (it will be gray though, not navy) and I may put fern prints up on the wall.
 I need to hold them up and see how they look.

Here's a reminder of what I'm working with.
Now let's look at some inspiration pictures showing the direction I'd like to take my bathroom in.

This bathroom is so pretty!
I think the crisp white cabinet looks great with the dark counter tops.
My counters are charcoal gray, not black, but I'm hoping painting the cabinets white really makes them pop!

I've found some mirrors for my bathroom, but the frames are brown and I'm planning on painting them white.
Love the look of the white mirrors and white cabinet in this photo.

But then I saw this pretty bathroom where the cabinets are white, but the mirrors are black.
Hmm, should I paint my mirror frames charcoal gray instead to match my counter tops?

My bathroom has gray walls and I love how the pure white looks with the gray walls here.

Finally this lovely bathroom with white cabinets and mirror frame.
I wish I could change my flooring to this gorgeous gray tile, but that's not going to happen right now.

I'm looking forward to showing you more next week. :)
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  1. Lisa! LOVE your inspiration rooms and CAN.NOT wait to see it all come together! So glad to be doing the ORC with you!

  2. Love all the inspiration Lisa. I cannot wait to see your bathroom done.