Progress in Master Bath~ORC Week 4

I'm still busy painting away on my bathroom cabinets.
I ran into some difficulty, which I'll tell you all about next week when they are finished.
In the meantime I thought I'd share some improvements that have been made in the room.

The master bathroom has a separate little room that just holds the toilet.
I don't mean to be indelicate, but it is a room visited everyday, so why not make it pretty?

One of my favorite things is my lavender sign I ordered years ago from Castle & Cottage.
I wish I had a better place to hang it in the house besides the loo, but it really fits the spot perfectly.

My husband was always putting spare toilet paper on the floor (GROSS!!).
So I found this cute metal basket at Michael's to keep spare rolls in.
I placed TP stickers on the chalkboard label.

So now instead of a plain gray room, we have a cute little space that makes me smile. :)

When we bought the house the bathroom had a formal, brown valance above the block, glass window.
Not my style at. all.

I found some pretty towels for the space at Marshall's and made a sign to go above the towel rack.
The sign was made from old fence posts and a stencil.
You can read more about it here.

Block glass windows are great because they let in lots of light, while still giving you privacy.
However, I hate the way that they look.
So I hung a simple Swiss dot sheer curtain .
Lots of light still floods the room, but the ugly window is covered up.

I look forward to showing you my completed painted cabinets next week!
Be sure to visit the others taking part in the One Room Challenge!


  1. I love what you did with the window! Such a pretty way to cover up those blocks. I love the lavender sign too. I try to add "pretties" to my potty room too. :)

  2. Love your old fence posts sign - so sweet - can't wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Oh, it's looking good already. I like how you covered up the block glass. I don't dislike that kind of glass but it belongs in a modern/contemporary style home. My neighbor has it too.

  4. I thought for a minute I was looking at our master bath before we did our remodel. We had that exact shower and almsot the same tub. It looks fantastic so far.