Painting Oak Cabinets White~ORC week 5

I always love the magic of paint in transforming a piece for just a little money.
But sometimes the process is a real pain in the... you know what!
Normally when I paint furniture with chalk paint I wax the piece for protection, but since bathroom cabinets are around a lot of water I decided to use poly, like I did in our guest bathroom.
I used the same can of poly and since it worked so well in the guest bathroom, I assumed it would work on the master bathroom cabinets as well.
However, the guest bathroom cabinets were painted gray and the master bathroom are painted white. 
When the poly dried.... my cabinets had turned yellow! Nooooooo!!!!
Please make sure that you use a dries clear or non yellowing poly when applying on top of white! 
Lesson learned!

I used this chalk paint from Home Depot. It works great and is more than half the price of other chalk paints. One of the great things about chalk paint is even though it seemed as though my cabinets were ruined from the "bad" poly, with chalk paint I could simply paint right over the poly without sanding or stripping and they were as good as new.

I also added some new hardware from Lowe's that I am loving!
I need to share another frustrating little story with you though.
Two of the holes on the cabinets are not lining up perfectly for the door handles so I will have to drill them to get them to line up.
I just wanted share this with you in case you are attempting a DIY project and run into problems and think "why do these things never happen to bloggers". 
Oh, they most definitely do!

But despite all the set backs I am LOVING the results.
 I think the white really pops against the dark counter tops turning them into such a pretty feature, where before you didn't even really notice them.

I also got new mirrors on clearance for about $27 a piece.
 Mirrors are expensive y'all, so I was more than willing to take the time to paint and poly them to make them work in the room.

I haven't hung them yet (dreading it), but you can see the size works so much better than the old mirrors.

Next week is the big reveal! I'd better get back to work!
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Looking back on my master bathroom makeover:
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  1. Lisa!!! This is looking amazing!! I can't wait to see the big reveal. Only one more week!! Are you in panic mode like me? It seems my to do list keeps on growing. We got this!

  2. Lisa, everything looks beautiful!!! That's a shame that you had to mess with the yellowing on the cabinets, but thank goodness for the chalk paint! Would you believe I still haven't used chalk paint? When I do though, I'm going to use something like you did. Love that it's a more reasonable price! And the mirrors are gorgeous too! And yes, they are expensive...I was just pricing a simple floor length mirror to hang on the back of my closet door and I couldn't believe the prices!

  3. The transformation is wonderful! Good advice about the poly...glad you were able to fix it.

  4. It is all looking so great Lisa. I cannot wait to see the reveal.

  5. I'm loving the new color and new look so far! Thanks for the good tips you shared too. It seems that chalk paint is the way to go. I will try to remember that if cabinet painting is in our future.

  6. This is a beautiful transformation!

  7. This looks really nice. It gives me the courage to use chalk paint on my bathroom cabinets. What protective coating did you give the cabinets the second time? I may be misunderstanding something, but I didn't see that. -Christina in GA

    1. Thank you! Use a water based poly that is labeled "dries clear" or "non yellowing".